Ireland, Dublin – October 23rd, Christ Church Cathedral

England, Manchester – October 25th, Stoller Hall

England, London – October 26th, Cadogan Hall

Italy, Milan – October 29th, Conservatorio Verdi

Italy, Rome – October 30th, Teatro Palladium

Musika is pleased and honoured to welcome once again the Kazakh Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, for a new European Tour, which includes Ireland, England and Italy, in October 2018.

Since its establishment in 1935, the Kazakh State Philharmonic has been producing some of the finest musicians in Kazakhstan. The Philharmonic’s Chamber Orchestra has made great strides to win wide acclaim both domestically and internationally. And it is my great pleasure to present to British and Irish audiences this brilliant assemblage of extraordinary musical talents from Kazakhstan.

On the tour, the Kazakh Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra will be joined by Lara St. John – a globally-renowned violinist from Canada as well as Alession Pianelli, the new Italian wonder of the cello.

This tour continues to celebrating 25 years of diplomatic relations with Kazakhstan and launches a new project, Modern Kazakh Culture in a Global World.